• The History of Volleyball:

    Volleyball was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan. Morgan was an instructor at the YMCA where he decided to combine basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball. He originally called it Mintonette and later it became known as Volleyball. It became known as volleyball when one of the players described the game as volleying the ball back and forth over the 6 foot 6 inch net. On July 7th 1896, the first organized game of volleyball was played at Springfield College. By 1900 a special ball, known as the volleyball, was created specially for this game. In 1916 the Filipinos created a move called the bomba which was a kill or a spike. Also in 1916, volleyball was added to the gym curriculum after the rules had been modified by the NCAA. In 1948 the first two man beach volleyball game was held. In 1957 the IOC made volleyball and Olympic sport and was played in the 1964 Olympic Games. In 1965 the CBVA was formed. In 1995 the game of volleyball was then 100 years old and the year after two person beach volleyball was added to the Olympic Games.

    Volleyball Rules:


    1. Any ball that touches the line during play is considered “in”.

    2. During each possession on one side of the net, a team can only have 3 contacts with the ball.

    3. No player can ever make contact with the ball twice in a row.


    1. Servers in the right back corner of the court.

    2. The players rotate clockwise.

    3. There are usually three players in the front and three in the back.


    1. Rally scoring, meaning a point in gained on each play.

    2. To win a game, a team must win three out of five games top twenty-five points a game.


    1. When serving, the server’s foot cannot cross the end line.

    2. The serve can go anywhere on the court.

    3. It does not matter if the ball touches the net on the serve, the ball is still in play.


    1. A player cannot touch the net while the ball is in play.

    2. Reaching over net to block a ball is legal, only if the opposing team has used all three of their “touches”.