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    Pickle Ball Rules

    1. 2 Players on the court.

    2. Rotate when your team earns the right to serve.

    3. Rotate when someone on your team has made 3 consecutive serves.

    4. Person on the right always serves.

    5. Server must keep one foot behind the service line and serve the ball underhand over the net on the first try. (If the ball hits the net and goes over then the server will get a second chance to serve. Otherwise the serve and point goes to the other team)

    6. Volley means to hit the ball in the air without letting it bounce first. There is a non-volley zone 7 feet on each side of the net.

    7. Single Bounce Rule- The ball must bounce one time on the each side of the net before a team can volley the ball back.

    8. A ball hitting the line is in. A ball hitting the net (not on serve) and going over is in play.

    9. We will use rally scoring.

    10. Server must announce the score before each serve .If the score is not announced then the serve is no good.

    11. Do Not hit paddles on the ground, wall, people ect…

    12. After each game sit quiet so I can get winner and we can move on.

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