•           Shooting

    Shooting uses the same technical elements as passing, with the important difference being that the goal is to pass the ball beyond the goalkeeper.

    • If possible, the player should look up to see the position of the goalkeeper, choosing a side to shoot the ball.
    • Approach the ball.
    • Plant the support foot beside or slightly ahead of the ball, which helps to keep the shot low.
    • Keep the head steady and eyes on the ball.
    • Make proper contact with the ball.
      • Ankle of kicking foot is locked and the toe is pointed down if shooting with instep.
      • Hips and knee of kicking foot are pointed in the direction of the shot.
    • Follow through to keep the ball low (weight going forward, landing on the kicking foot).

    The skill of shooting sometimes is called an art because the scoring of goals is such a prized commodity. The mechanics of how to shoot are important, but perhaps more important is knowing when to shoot, especially because so many players prefer to pass the ball rather than take on the responsibility of shooting. Since scoring more goals than the opposition is the object of the game, players who are goal scorers are highly valued. Shooting frequently is done under pressure from opponents, sometimes facing the wrong way and at awkward angles. Shooting should be practiced against a live goalkeeper.