Medical Policy

  • BHS Physical Education

    Student Medical Excuse Policy


    Each excused student will be held accountable and follow these procedures:


    -         Report to the PE office at the beginning of each excused class to choose one topic from a provided list (see back of this page) OR a PE packet. Your teacher will assign one or the other to you.


    -         If you were assigned a paper, report to the library or computer lab to type a 1 page paper on that topic ( double space, 12 font, include works cited) If you do not include your source of information the paper will not be accepted!!


    -         The paper must be returned to the PE teacher at the end of the period or a truancy report will be submitted.


    -         If you were assigned a PE packet, go to a quiet area to complete it and return the reading portion and the question portion to your teacher at the end of the period or a truancy report will be submitted.


    -         This procedure will be completed for each excused class throughout the duration of the student’s medical excuse


    -         A note from a parent is needed for each day. A parent note will not be accepted for more than 2 consecutive days! If you are still injured/ill a note from a doctor is needed to further excuse you from class.


    Sports Topics


    Archery                                             Bowling                                 Golf

    Basketball                                        Football                                 Floor Hockey

    Lacrosse                                            Team Handball                   Soccer

    Ultimate Frisbee                            Water Polo                            Dance

    Badminton                                       Pickleball                              Racquetball

    Table Tennis                                    Tennis                                   Volleyball

    Kayaking                                          Orienteering                        Skiing

    Snow Shoeing                                  Aerobics                                Pilates

    Yoga                                                   Water Aerobics                    Swimming

    Weight Training                             Rock Climbing                     Wrestling

    Softball                                              Self Defense              Track and Field

    Feel free to choose something that is not on the list.


    Other Topics


    -         You may write about your injury/condition

    -         Current Events (related to Health, PE, or Sports)

    -         Officiating

    -         Nutrition

    -         Health and Fitness issues (cholesterol, blood pressure, heart rate, obesity, etc.)

    -         Athletic

    o       Injuries

    o       Illnesses

    o       Training       

    o       Professions



    REMEMBER to cite the source(s) you use at the end of you paper or it will not be accepted.


    Wikipedia IS NOT an acceptable source!