Pasta Parties and Bus Meals

  • Pasta Parties are scheduled before ski races.  
    To sign up to host or to bring items, please use the google doc link:  


    Pasta Parties 2019-2020 


    Bus Meals and Hot Cocoa are a treat for kids after races. 
    To sign up for cocoa and/or meals, please use the google doc link:

      Bus Meals 2019-2020


    The Hot Cocoa containers and the Meal Containers (one vegetarian and one meat) need to be at school in time for the bus departure unless you are going to the race venue and you can deliver them yourself.  
    The team provides paper products and utensils.  
    If you are the NEXT person making a meal, please have your skier bring the containers home with them at the conclusion of the race prior to the race you are prepping a food item for.  
    Please bring bread SLICED.  It is tricky to try and cut the bread on a moving bus.