AP Literature

  • Required Summer Reading:  Students enrolled in AP Literature are required to complete summer readings.  Please see the link below.

    Final ExamThe AP Literature exam administered by the College Board does not constitute the final exam for this course.  The final exam for this course is usually a take-home research and writing assignment that is due the Thursday before SpringFest in combination with a written final during exam week.  The final unit for the course begins after our return from Memorial Day weekend.  

     AP Exam:  Good luck! 

    Exam Fees: The AP exam fee is ____ per exam.  With your check, include the name of the exam along with your own name. 

    E-texts and study guides:  Many of the texts that we read are available on-line.  Be sure to explore the links!

    Scholarly Research:  JSTOR is available for your scholarly research through the BHS Media Center.  JSTOR is an archive of important scholarly journals.  See the Media Center for details.

    Blogs:  This is a place for casual discussion about scholarly ideas.  Here are my rules of engagement:

  • If you would be unwilling to say something in the classroom, it should not be said here.  Own your words.
  • Remember that this is available for others to read, and this is a permanent document.  What you say cannot be unsaid.
  • You are not confined to subjects we are studying or discussing.  Feel free to explore ideas.

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