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  • Welcome Dear Students and Parents,

    Its a pleasure to have you(student)in my class. Its my sincere desire that you enjoy the year and chemistry.

    Chemistry is a quantitative and conceptual science making it different from past science courses. The greatest problem in learning Chemistry is "getting behind"" and not doing the daily home work assignments. Its always helpful to read the notes and the text book, do the daily assignments and seek help when needed. Active class participation and good study skills will make it easy and fun.

    You will be doing one double period lab activity every cycle day 3.Due to safety considerations you are expected to read the lab and do the prelab notes prior to doing the lab.  You will need all written lab reports in order to take the regents final exam. Please make every effort not to miss the lab as you will miss out on valuable instruction There may not be an opportunity to make up all the missed labs.

    I am available for help Science help room 3 times a cycle ( Day 2,4 and 5 Period 2 in room 385). Please find the attached help room schedule for all Chemistry teachers, please feel free to go to any of the teachers for help.

    Homework will be given daily, if you sign in late please get the assignment before going home.

    Once again its a pleasure to have you in my class and I wish you all the best.
    Always remember YOU ARE THE BEST and don't let any one tell you otherwise.

    Following are the lab dates and timings, please do not schedule any appointments during this time if possible,

     Day 3 Period 1, 2, 3 ,4, 7 and 8  


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