AP Environmental Science

  • AP Environmental Science is the equivalent of a typical one-semester, introductory college course in environmental science. Our year-long course at Brighton High School stresses scientific principles and analysis, and includes inquiry-based activities, labs, and field trips. Unlike previous science courses and most other introductory-level college science courses, AP Environmental Science covers geology, biology, environmental issues, chemistry, and geography. The AP exam is representative of such a course and therefore is considered appropriate for the measurement of skills and knowledge in the field of Environmental Science.

    The College Board revised the curriculum in 2010, and the AP Environmental Science curriculum is structured around six themes.

    Theme 1: Science is a process.

    Theme 2: Energy conversions underlie all ecological processes.

    Theme 3: Earth itself is one interconnected system.

    Theme 4: Humans alter natural systems.

    Theme 5: Environmental problems have a cultural and social context.

    Theme 6: Human survival depends on developing practices that will achieve sustainable systems.

     AP Environmental Science is extremely hands-on. Students monitor water quality in Buckland Creek, learn the techniques for soil analysis, and conduct many other activities designed to teach the fundamentals of environmental assessment.

    Please contact Dr. Smith with any questions.