Introduction to Energy and Sustainability

  • This unit begins the first day of class and allows students time to

    • complete an autobiography page
    • learn shop procedures and safety practices

    Students will be introduced to the course themes and objectives.

    The students will be able to…


    • Describe how energy use has changed through human history
    • Analyze data from DBQs related to energy supply and demand (i.e. calculate, describe patterns, make inferences).  For example, compare and contrast the percentages of different energy sources available and used by the United States and by nations around the world
    • Discuss the relationships among the following societal variables as they relate to energy supply and demand…
      • production and consumption of goods
      • national/personal health, wealth, and prosperity
      • the use and development of technology
      • the human impact on the environment
      • geography, natural resources, and climate
      • education, lifestyles, and cultural mores
      • economic equality or wealth distribution
      • political stability and national defense
      • the use of renewable vs. nonrenewable energy
    • Summarize the concept of Energy Justice and relate this to the Great Energy Challenge (
    • State 5 keys to our sustainable future.
      (4Rs, renewable energy, minimize environmental impact, think globally/act locally, 1 person can make a difference, education, etc...).

    Key terms




    Primary energy source

    Secondary energy source


    Per capita

    LDC (less developed countries)

    GDP (gross domestic product)




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