Castle Learning Online

  • Parents, Students and Staff:

         Castle Learning Online supports my Global History and Geography classroom instruction through content-related regional unit review assignments. 

         Each student has a personal account set-up that provides 24 -7  online access to complete long-term assignments up until the due date deadline.  Your student, during class will be given a copy of a how-to guide to utilize Castle Learning Online.  A PDF file of that very document has been provided below for your convenience.

         Assignments feature instant feedback, self-paced study, practice with a variety of NYS Global History and Geography Regents questions, defined vocabulary, and hints and reasons to help learn the correct answers. Students also have the ability to self-create and customize their own review assignments and vocabulary flash cards.

         I save time with streamlined assignments, automatic grading, and instant progress reports for each student and class. I also have complete flexibility to personalize assignments and add additional questions.

        Students must get a score of at least 75/100 or 75% of the total questions correct in a particular assignment to receive credit.  Upon request and before the due date, I will be happy to reset the assignment until that score is achieved.


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