Algebra 1

  • ALGEBRA Regents Information


    Date: Thursday June 16, 2016

    Time: 8am (be by the room ready to go by 7:45)

    Location: Lower Gym*


    For the Regents, you HAVE to stay two hours and you CAN stay up to three hours.*  All work must be done in pen (including the bubble sheet).  The only work that can be in pencil are tables and graphs.


    *Note: if you have separate location, extended time, etc. your room will be different and you may have a different amount of time to take the exam.


    What to bring:

    -          2 pens

    -          2 pencils

    -          Graphing Calculator with good batteries (you will be cleared before exam)

    -          OPTIONAL: rulers, colored pencils, highlighters


    After your calculator is checked:

    -          TURN YOUR DIAGNOTISTICS ON (you need this to find correlation coefficient):

    Review Session:

    -          Wednesday June 15 9am-11am in room 315

    -          Bring old packets, calculator, questions!


    How to prepare:

     1.) Go through your review packets #1-4.  Review what you did correctly and correct what did incorrectly.  

     2.) Try full Regents exams.  You have been given a copy of the June 2015 exam (it has a bright yellow cover).  Old Regents exams and answer keys can be also be accessed at:

     3.) Look through toolkits and ask me for extra practice on topics with which you are struggling.

     If you want more practice: is a great resource.  Information is broken down into topics, and there are also interactive practice regents tests on the website, which means you can find out right away if your answers are correct or not.

    Welcome to Algebra I!

    If you are looking for nightly homework assignments, please click the assignments page.  


    • 1-inch Binder
    • 1 subject notebook
    • Dividers (4)
      • Sections:
        • Handouts
        • STM
        • Graded assignments
        • Checklist
    • Loose-leaf
    • Marble composition notebook
    • Graphing Calculator:

    *MUST BE TI-83 or TI-84* (different calculators are not allowed on Regents)

    • Covered book
    • Pens, pencils
    • Materials that are required for homework, but not class everyday: graph paper, gluestick and/or tape



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