Educational Research Newsletters and Webinars (ERN)

  • The Brighton Teacher Center Library houses a series of recorded webinars featuring national speakers covering the latest research in education. The collection serves instructional, curricular and assessment needs of the Brighton teaching community at all levels.

    Webinars may be accessed on the Intranet under BTC – Webinars Featuring National Speakers. Our webinars are published by Educational Research Newsletters and Webinars (ERN)

    To receive professional development credit, after viewing the recorded session, please log into MyLearningPlan and complete the Webinar Reflection form. 

    Title Speakers

    What’s Fair? Best Practices for Grading and Assessment in the Differentiated Classroom Rick Wormeli
    How to Write a Good Rubric Jay McTighe
    Assessment in the Differentiated Classroom Rick Wormeli
    Engage Students in Assessment to Boost Motivation, Learning and Achievement Speakers: Ann Davies, Sandra Herbst
    7 Classroom Assessment Practices That Promote Learning (As Well As Measure It) Jay McTighe

    Standards-Based Grading for Struggling and Exceptional Learners Lee Ann Jung
    Reach and Teach Students in Poverty: Strategies for Closing the Opportunity Gap Paul Gorski
    What You Need to Know to Effectively Teach Your Students with ADHD or Executive Function Deficits Sandra Rief

    What it means for you: Begin the work of aligning your curriculum with the common core standards using the Understanding by Design process Grant Wiggins
    Align your curriculum to the Common Core by using 'power standards' Joe Crawford

    Get Real Results from Data-driven Instruction: How to Collect and Talk About Data, Set Up a Plan and Take Action Paul Bambrick-Santoyo
    Take Charge of Your Student Data: A Teacher-Friendly Model to Connect Learning Gaps With Instructional Gaps Daniel Venables
    Simple Strategies for Working More Effectively With Data Jay McTighe 
    Got Data? Now What? Developing and Leading Productive Collaborative Inquiry Around Data Laura Lipton
    Take control of your data: A teacher friendly, systematic model for reviewing student data and closing learning and instructional gaps Daniel Venables

    Master Class with Carol Ann Tomlinson: How to Plan and Design Differentiated Instruction Carol Ann Tomlinson
    Differentiate for Enrichment: Get Students Excited about Learning Again with Enrichment Clusters Joseph Renzulli
    Provide differentiated instruction for English Language Learners Rita McDonald

    Build Your English Learners’ Reading Comprehension Across-the-Curriculum Margarita Calderón
    Provide Differentiated Instruction to ELL Students Rita McDonald

    Ready to flip your classroom? What you need to know to engage students Julie Schell 
    Ready to flip your classroom? How to engage your students inside and outside of class Julie Schell

    How to Win Over Resistant Teachers
    Jim Knight
    Having Hard Conversations Jennifer Abrams
    Opening the classroom door: How to build collective responsibility for the success of all teachers and students in your school Andy Hargreaves
    What you need to know and do to make your school walk through ready Donald Kachur
    Instructional coaching practices that build real partnerships with teachers to bring change in the classroom Jim Knight

    Stumble No More: Increase Reading Fluency for Improved Comprehension Tim Rasinski
    Make It a Habit: Improve Student Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension in Only 10-15 Minutes a Day Laura Robb
    Close Reading Check-Up: Align Your Instruction With Best Practices and Standards Timothy Shanahan
    Research-based Strategies to Help Students Become Skilled Readers of Informational Text Barbara Moss Time: 115 minutes
    Teaching the 7 keys to comprehension: A framework for giving K-8 students explicit instruction on how to understand more of what they read Susan Zimmermann
    Help students become skilled readers of informational text: Top research based strategies to close this reading gap Barbara Moss 

    Improve Behavior, Increase Learning: How to Use RTI to Promote Positive Learning Behaviors in the Classroom  Tom Hierck
    Be More Effective With Your Interventions for Struggling and Exceptional Learners Through Better Planning and Progress Monitoring (RTI) Lee Ann Jung
    The Forgotten Tier of RTI: How to Set Up an Effective Tier 2 for Students Who Need a Little Extra Help Chris Weber

    Good Homework, Bad Homework: How to Tell the Difference
    Harris Cooper
    Rethinking Homework: Best Practices to Advance Learning and Respect Student Time Cathy Vatterott
    Teach Students Self-Regulation: Develop Awareness of Emotional “Zones” and Give Them Simple Tools to Manage Their Behaviors Leah Kuypers
    Sharpen Student Focus and Motivation With Project-Based Learning (PBL) Thom Markham
    How to Put Critical Thinking at the Core of Teaching and Learning Where It Belongs Garfield Gini-Newman
    Improve Grading: Practices and Policies You Should Continue, Develop or Adopt and Those You Should Always Avoid Thomas Guskey
    Design Instruction to Increase Student Transfer of Learning with Grant Wiggins Grant Wiggins
    Help your students think while they take notes with interactive notebooks Jane Pollock
    Design instruction to increase transfer of learning Grant Wiggins
    Making the most of PLCs 7 Classroom Assessment Practices That Promote Learning (as well as measure it) Jay McTighe

    Teach Students How Their Brains Work: How Executive Function, Self-Regulation and Mindset Can Help Them Learn
     Kathleen Kryza 
    Executive Function Skills: How to Identify and Address Deficits for Surprising Results with Underachieving Students Margaret Searle
    Current Motivation Theory and Best Practices for the Classroom Michael Middleton
    Teach Your Students Social Skills to Improve Engagement, Achievement and Behavior Howard Knoff

    The Instructional Leader’s Guide to Teaching Writing Across the Curriculum Ruth Culham
    Motivate Students to Improve Their Writing With Technology-driven Strategies Will Richardson

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