Global 10


    Global History & Geography: This is final year of an academically challenging two-year course culminating with the Regents Global History & Geography exam in June 2015, a requirement for a high school diploma in New York State. The exam will test students’ knowledge of 9th AND 10th grade materials.


    I. Content Objectives

    A. Investigate and analyze facts, concepts, and theories pertaining to the nations and peoples of the world

    B. Understand and discuss cultural components of various societies including customs, values, religious beliefs, and political and economic systems.

    C. Analyze and understand the relationships and interactions among cultures during particular eras and across eras.

    D. Understand the relationship between geography and society; students will investigate why people and places are located where they are and what patterns can be observed.

    E. Investigate and analyze contemporary global issues such as human rights, conflict, overpopulation, poverty, AND international and regional organizations that address the problems.