Accommodating Food Allergies in the School Setting

  • When: October 16, 2013


    Council Rock Primary School Auditorium
    600 Grosvenor Road
    Rochester, NY 14610

    Registration & Refreshments

    3:30 - 4:00


     4:00 - 5:30

    Dr. Teresa Bingemann

    Special Presentations

    Two pharmaceutical representatives, David Peck from Mylan, makers of EpiPen® and Shawn Wyman from Sanofi, makers of Auvi-Q™ will give brief presentations on delivery systems and programs for schools for epinephrine auto-injectors.


    Auvi-Q™ Shawn Wyman & EpiPen® Mr. David Peck

    We know children with life threatening food allergies require accommodations in schools to help them limit or reduce exposure to allergens. We know that legislation mandates schools to provide for the "reasonable" safety of children with life threatening allergies. However, are food allergies on the rise, and if so, why? Are all requests for epinephrine autoinjectors essential, or is there an over reaction? When and how does a school know that a request for accommodation is essential? Are children able to outgrow any of their food allergies, or do they worsen over time? Are more children entering school with food allergies they used to  outgrow? Why are there requests for peanut free zones, but not milk free zones? Is inhalation of a food a danger, and if so, in what settings? What is the risk for children with life threatening food allergies being bullied, and how should schools    address this matter?

    These and other topics of accommodating food allergies in the school setting will be the subject of discussion by Dr. Theresa Bingemann; to address the basics of food allergies and reasonable accommodation of medically documented food allergies in the school setting.


      Video of the Presentation