Regents Exam Review Information

  • The Regents Exam in the Living Environment
    is the required final exam for this course.  This exam score will count as 1/5 of the final grade.
    A passing grade of 65% is required for a Regents credit in Living Environment and is in most cases a graduation requirement in NYS. 

    Students have available many opportunities and resources for review:
    - review sets.  We will do at least 3- 50 questions sets.
      These sets are graded and count as part of the 4th quarter grade.

    - Review Books:  are available for purchase at local book stores or online.  They contain only practice tests with answers and some explanation.  Not required.


    - Review classes: I will post a review class schedule outside my door and on the homework link.
    - Individual Help time/Office time: As always my schedule is posted and students are
      encouraged to seek teacher support whenever necessary/possible for individual help. 
    - FLEX periods will generally be available for students to review in groups or with the teacher
    - I am typically after school every afternoon for individual help.

    Please take advantage of all opportunities to do your best!  Thank you.