Brighton Teacher Center
  • Each teacher center is governed by a policy board as required by Education Law 316 and is to include a majority of teachers appointed by the collective bargaining agent. Policy boards also include individuals designated by a center's LEA and include at least one representative from higher education, a parent representative, and at least one representative from the local business and industry community.

    The requirement that teachers comprise the majority of the board reflects the original principle behind teacher centers, "teachers teaching teachers."

    Policy boards are responsible for establishing the mission, goals, and strategic plan for teacher centers and recruit and employ personnel to carry out these missions, goals, and plans.  Working in partnership with a Teacher Center's LEA and within its own by-laws, policy boards provide direction for the center's PD programs and fiscal oversight to a center's funds and expenditures while ensuring that all state and local reporting requirements are fulfilled.

    Each Teacher Center has a director appointed by the policy board.  Some centers have full-time directors, others half-time directors and other centers have directors who teach full-time and fulfill their duties as an additional responsibility. In 2014-15, more than 85% of all teacher center directors were part-time directors

    NYSUT Fact Sheet


  •  Policy Board Members





    Maria Murillo



    Michelle Norton



    Judy Wegman


    Adele Mockevicius



    Mary Anne Pettit


    Janice Mix


    Mary DuBois



    Justine Parks




    Dawn Vergari



    Christopher DeWane

    Community Business


    Gail Sacchi

    Teaching Assistant


    Marv Sachs

    Board of Education


    Maria Katsetos 

    Higher Education



    Mona Zamiarski

    Parent Representative


    Debby Baker

    Assistant Superintendent for

    Curriculum & Instruction

Policy board members at work!

    Time: 3:30 - 5:00

    Location: Brighton Teacher Center

    1. October 23, 2019 
    2. December 18, 2019
    3. February 26, 2020
    4. March 26, 2020
    5. April 29, 2020
Policy Board members discussing policy changes.
Policy Board members at work!