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  • US History :  Class Materials and Assignments


    1. Three World Meet

    2. American Colonies Emerge

    3. Colonies Come of Age

    4. War for Independence

    5. Shaping a Nation

            The Living Constitution

    6. Launching a New Nation

    7. Balancing Nationalism and Sectionalism

    8. Reforming American Society

    9. Expanding Markets and Moving West

    10. The Union in Peril

    11. The Civil War

    12. Reconstruction and its Effects


    13. Changes on the Western Front

    14. The New Industrial Age

    15. Immigrants and Urbanization

    16. Life at the Turn of the 20th Century

    17. The Progressive Era

    18. America Claims an Empire

    19. First World War

    20. Politics of the Roaring Twenties

    21. Roaring Life of the 1920's

    22. The Great Depression Begins

    23. The New Deal

    24. World War Looms

    25. United States in World War II

    26. Cold War Conflicts

    27. Postwar Boom

    28. New Frontier and the Great Society

    29. Civil Rights Movement

    30. Vietnam War Years

    31. Era of Social Change

    32. Age of Limits

    33. The Conservative Tide

    34. The United States in Today's World

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