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    Directions: All essays are to be typed and handed in on test day

                   All essays are to have an intro, body and conclusion

                   You must type the question of your choice first and then

                    answer the question.

                   Also type the Include terms and concepts

    NEW TASKS= 1.You must now include ONE Outside Source in your essay.

    You must document it and add a Work Cited at the end of your essay.

    If you are using an internet resource, it must end in .org or .edu

    2. You must bold or underline all terms used in essay.

    HINTS for a better grade= you need to work more examples and explanations into your essay, especially in the body.

    Make sure you start a new paragraph with every new idea.

    Add some background to your Into

    Incude talking points in Intro and conclusion

    The last sentence in your Intro is your thematic sentence.




     Essay Intro Example

    Question: Describe the main differences between the economies of the northern and southern colonies in the early 1700's. Include:

    a. What was produced

    b. Where people lived/their environment

    c.  the role of enslaved Africans

    d. impact of their livelihood on their economy


              The 1700's era marked a beginning of a new life for large numbers of European immigrants who traveled to North America. The diverse immigrants helped create a unique population in the northern and southern colonies which dominates the American population today.  Though the southern and northern colonies thrived with immigrants, both differed in what was produced, the environment they lived in and the role of enslaved Africans. The impact of their livelihood on their economy had the greatest impact and demonstrated the greatest difference between the north and south. These distinctive differences between the south and the north began to shape our developing new nation.

    Note that: The writer gives background information about the period of time and mentions all their talking points. Then ends with the last sentence as their thematic sentence which is the question reshaped or restated in their own words. 

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