What is adapted phys ed?

  • Adapted physical education allows all students to be succcessful and improve upon their own unique abilities.  Students interest, needs, and ability are all taken into consideration when developing daily lessons.


    http://www.aahperd.org/aapar/pdf_files/APE_manual.pdfA great resource for anyone who would like to know more about adapted physical education. 

    Website includes:

    Table of Contents

    Chapter One Disability Advocacy Organizations

    Chapter Two Disability Sport Organizations

    Chapter Three Equipment Companies

    Chapter Four Education Websites and Lists

    Chapter Five Family Support Organizations

    Chapter Six Human Resources

    Chapter Seven Media (Print and Video)

    Chapter Eight Specialists in the Field

    Adapted physical education: An individualized program involving physical and motor fitness, fundamental motor skills and patterns, skills in aquatics and dance, and individual and group games and sports designed to meet the unique needs of individuals (Winnick, 2004)