Psychological Services

  • Psychological services are available to students in all grades, kindergarten through grade 12. The school psychologist is concerned with the early identification of problems that may interfere with the child’s development or adjustment to school, and serves as a resource for the staff and parents.

    Children may be referred to the school psychologist in several ways. They may be referred as a result of the initial screening of all students entering New York State schools. They may be referred by teachers or parents concerned with the child’s development or social adjustment, and they may be referred as part of their evaluation by the Committee on Special Education.

    An evaluation by the psychologist involves assessing the student’s abilities and learning style, making classroom observations, and consulting with family, staff and health professionals. The psychologist is able to provide limited individual and group counseling but will also refer students and families to outside sources for more extensive counseling. The school psychologist often serves as a liaison between the school and outside professionals.


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