Homework Expectations

  • My expectation is that you will turn in your homework at the beginning of the class in which it is due.  Any homework not turned in then is considered late.  While I will accept late homework, you will receive a penalty for its lateness. 

    If you turn it in after I collect it, you will have a letter grade deducted from it.  If you turn it in two days late, the most you may earn is 50%. 

    The reason for the deductions is that homework is most valuable to you when done on time and before we discuss it in class.  You get both the benefit of thinking for yourself before you are "given the answers" or are swayed by what others think, and you get the benefit of writing down your thoughts to practice your writing.  I still want you to complete homework because any writing is practice, and any writing and thinking about class work is helpful to you.