AP Language and Composition

  • In case you are wondering what those notations are in parent portal, here's a glossary for you:

    TI=work has been turned in but not yet graded. Sometimes I will include this; sometimes I won't. If I won't get work back in a few days' time, then I will put this in so that you know the work has been completed.

    L1=work was one day late

    L2=work was two days late

    L+=work was more than two days late. Typically, this work will earn no more than a 50%.


    RV=work was revised with a new grade

    RS=student must meet with me and revise work; work will be scored as a 50% until the meeting and revisions are complete.

    Blank assignments mean that I have input the task into parent portal, but it is not yet due or assigned.

    Welcome to AP Language and Composition!  The majority of what we'll be reading this year is non-fiction, but we'll also study a few works of fiction (Huckleberry Finn, The Great Gatsby, Othello, and The Things they Carried-maybe).

    You have a summer reading assignment that you can access through the English Department's web page.  Please go there to see what books you need to read this summer.

    You will be expected to take the AP Language and Composition exam in May and complete the New York State Regents exam in June.

    To successfully complete this course, you are also required to complete a research paper during third quarter, which will count towards 60% or your final exam score (the other 40% will be from your Regents score).

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