Turnitin Resources

  • Turnitin is an internationally recognized application used in many school districts in the area, as well as many colleges and universities. While it's mostly known for its efforts in preventing plagiarism, it is capable of much more. Turnitin is a powerful tool for students to analyze their own writing, for teachers to provide feedback, and for students to discuss their writing with their peers.
    Students are able to track their own progress and review feedback on their written work at any time. Because feedback and student work is readily available, teachers are also able to measure student progress more effectively.
    Students: Please note, not all teachers use Turnitin. 
    Below you can find:
    • Link to Turnitin
    • Resources for using Turnitin for teachers and students
    • Resources for accessing Turnitin assignments through Schoology, for teachers and students
    If you have any questions about Turnitin that have not been addressed by these resources please contact your classroom teacher or me, Rebecca Horowitz, at rebecca_horowitz@bcsd.org.

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