Brighton PTSA Logo & Graphics

  • Brighton PTSA's logo was created by  Lili Schwartz.

    The logo is intended for use on appropriate Brighton PTSA materials. Committee chairs and other authorized individuals are encouraged to use our logo. To download different versions of the logo, as well as a letterhead template, please click on the links below.

    The EPS file should be used for PRINT because it's a vector so the lines and curved edges will stay crisp and not be blurry or pixelated. If you (or anyone else!) ever needs to match the colors, here are the CMYK breakdowns:
    Light Blue: 65c 11m 0y 0k
    Red: 19c 89m 74y 0k
    Green: 66c  0m  98y 7K
    Yellow: 8c 20m 100y 0k

    The JPG file is for ELECTRONIC uses like websites or emails or anything else that will be viewed on a screen.


    The PDF is a universal format so when in doubt, just use this file! 



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