Festival of Ideas Committee

  • Got Ideas? Martha Sciremammano chairs the committee for Festival of Ideas. Her committee members are:

    • Deborah Antoniades
    • Mary Ellen Dangler
    • Ann-Marie Davis
    • Madhavi Devarakonda
    • Joi Freeman
    • Jim Kane
    • Becky Knauf
    • David Marcus
    • Laura Mares
    • Sandra Nasky
    • Ellie Rosenbloom
    • Alice Rudolph
    • Sheryl Silberman
    • Wendy Walsh
    • Dawn Wisset
    • Billi Yelle
    • Jeff Zielinski

    Working on Festival is a ball! If you'd like to join the committee, please call Martha at 746-6818‬, or send her e-mail:

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