About Mrs. V.

  • Hi I'm Mrs. Vergari.  You can call me Mrs. V.  I wanted to share some things about myself.  I have been teaching for many years.  I have taught many levels of math from 7th grade to AP Statistics.  In 2016-2017 I'm teaching Algebra II, SUPA Statistics and AP Statistics.  I've been married for 20 ears to Michael.  Michael is an arson investigator for the city.  We have two children, Jacob (17) and Emily (13).  We have a dog named Scout (8), and a guinea pig named Norris (2).

    As a family, we love to play board games, cards, and Wii.  We love to go to the movies both inside and drive-ins.  This summer we managed to get in some camping time.  It was a restful and relaxing summer.    

    I hope that we have a fabulous year together.  Let's get going!