About Ms. Byrne

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    I was born and raised in Rochester and grew up in the town of Greece on the shores of Lake Ontario. My parents and younger brother still live in Rochester and I get to travel to see my older two siblings in DC and Los Angeles. I have two young nephews who I can't get enough of.



    My educational background is in physics and astronomy, which I studied at the University of Rochester, and I spent 3 years as an observational astrophysicist. This research allowed me to experience the world. In Germany, I studied gamma-ray bursts and learned to make excellent pasta sauce from scratch with my Italian research advisor. My work in infrared astronomy studying how planets form around young stars took me to the top of Mauna Kea, Hawaii (see picture above). All of these experiences and more allowed me to discover that my true passion is for teaching and learning, which lead me on the path to Brighton by way of the College at Brockport. While pursuing certification, I taught two non-major astrophysics courses at the U of R, one on astrobiology and the other on cosmology and relativity; if you're interested definitely ask me about them! 

    During my time at the University of Rochester, I was actively involved with their radio station WRUR 88.5 FM and served as both DJ and programming director. When I am not studying for my masters or preparing to teach, I enjoy listening to public radio (e.g. 90.5 FM WBER), vegetable gardening, spoiling my nephews and hiking in Rochester's beautiful parks with my dog, Tesla, and husband, Patrick. 

    Ms. Arnold and Tesla

    I look forward to getting to know you and helping you grow and gain a deeper understanding of our world!

    Also, I advise a few clubs you might be interested in! Physics Club, League of Brighton and the Brighton Varsity Radio Club!