Crossroads Yearbook


    All senior submissions are due on November 30 


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    The basic portrait guidelines are:

    1. Portrait must be in color (no black and white portraits).
    2. Portrait must be front facing. No props, hands, brimmed hats, logos, or soft focus can be used.
    3. Portrait should be submitted as a .jpg file and be no smaller than 2mb.
    4. 2 ½ in. by 1 ½ in. is the approximate size of the published portrait-head size not exceeding 1 ½”.
    5. Upload your portrait via the link below

    This year all submissions will be done online through Google Drive. You will need a Gmail account to log in. Click on the links below to submit each item.


    All senior submissions are due on November 30


    Senior Portrait

    Baby Photo (1 baby or childhood photo of Senior student)

    Now & Then photos (1 old photo of Senior with siblings or friends, 1 present day recreation with the same people)


    Senior Quote 













    See one of our editors or advisors, or email us


    Mrs. Pickering-Advisor



    Crossroads is the Brighton High School's yearbook and has been in existence since 1933. Students oversee all yearbook operations, including creation, design, and sales. They learn how to work within deadlines and financial constraints.  Yearbook provides many valuable skills including design, collaboration, commitment, and time management.


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