BHS Crossroads Yearbook

  • Class of 2024


    Please review the following requirements for portraits:

    • Head-and-shoulder shots are preferred.
    • Attire must follow school guidelines.
    • No studio imprint or text on file. 
    • Photos must allow for vertical framing in yearbook (Full body distant photos or closely cropped horizontal images may not work) 
    • Digital images must be at least 300 dpi, or original file size preferred. (Screen shots or Low-resolution images will not be accepted.)

    Submit Photo Here

    **Please provide STUDENT'S first & last name and student email when uploading images

    ***IF the submission link asks for a User ID paste the following: 0xGJq_VAyAi65uXMS2G8ZGw 
    (It should not prompt you to do so, but sometimes it does)

    Please note: Photographs and quotes submitted after Nov. 3rd are not guaranteed to be in the yearbook. Students will be notified via email if we have not received an image by the deadline, or if there is any issue with either submission. If we do not receive your senior portrait, we will use your most current school ID photo so you are in the book (We notify you via email that this is happening). If no current ID photo is available, your name will be listed as “not pictured.”


    BHS Guidelines for Senior Quotes/Messages- PLEASE READ

    It is important these guidelines are followed, or the message may not be published in the yearbook.

    • It must be school appropriate; all messages will be checked by Crossroads staff
    • Can not be longer than 150 characters
    • If you include a quote, it must have the name of the person who originally said it.

    Quotes & Message submission link will be emailed DIRECTLY to Class of 2024 students in early September.


    Seniors Are Responsible for Checking Their Email Regularly and Responding to Yearbook Related Emails.

    If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact the Crossroads Yearbook Advisor at


    Purchase Books and Recognition Ads starting Sept. 1, 2023...please check back for updated info!

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