Index of Documents with Narrative

  • Index and Description of Documents Compiled for the Brookside Redevelopment Project

    Documents 1-4 were generated during the exploratory phase of the full-day kindergarten feasibility study worked on during the 2013-14 school year. The Board of Education and the Superintendent created three sub-committees. The first committee assessed the curriculum and instructional opportunities that a full-day kindergarten program creates. The second committee assessed the space requirements and the different options for the development of a full-day kindergarten program. The third committee assessed the community demand for and desire to have a full-day kindergarten program.

    Document No. 1 was the product of the full-day kindergarten exploratory committee. This report describes the work of the committee and outlines what the academic program could look like with the development of full-day kindergarten. In the presentation, the committee describes its thoughts on how the physical space can promote learning. These “Hopes/Dreams/Wishes” were considered by the facilities subcommittee as they assessed different building options.

    Document No. 1 - Curriculum and Instructional Subcommittee Report to the Board of Education in January 2014

    Document No. 2 was presented in March 2014 and describes the areas considered by the facilities subcommittee. The subcommittee assessed physical space requirements, staffing implications, and other cost considerations. During this process, the District engaged SEI Design to assess how these space demands could fit into our existing buildings given the key parameters established by the Board:

    a. Maintain current grade level configuration (K-2 considering Pre-K-2) and avoid another building transition for our youngest students

    b. Avoid redistricting

    The subcommittee recommended further exploration of the following two options:

    1) Expand and redesign Council Rock

    2) Expand and renovate Brookside School

    It is important to note that the capital cost illustrations included in this presentation were for illustration purposes only and were not based on any preliminary budget figures provided by the architects or financial consultants.

    Document No. 2 - Full-Day Kindergarten – Facilities Subcommittee

    Document No. 3 was a product of the facilities subcommittee. It represents a conceptual drawing that supports the feasibility of expanding and redesigning Council Rock. This document does not represent a recommendation by the subcommittee, but rather a product of the committee’s work showing what the potential could be.

    Document No. 3 - Initial Conceptual Design – CRPS Aerial Before and Proposed View

    Document No. 4 was the second option presented by the facilities subcommittee. As with the CRPS conceptual design, this rendering does not represent a recommendation but simply evidence that the Brookside site was a viable option to explore further.

    Document No. 4 - Initial Conceptual Design – Brookside Aerial Before and Proposed View

    After the Board considered the work of the full-day kindergarten exploratory committee, it directed the Superintendent to further develop a plan to implement full-day kindergarten. In response, the Superintendent issued a request for proposal to further evaluate the two building options presented by the exploratory committee. The District issued a RFP to have an architectural/engineering firm critically evaluate the pros and cons of each site in an objective “apples to apples” comparison.

    Document No. 5 is the request for proposal that was issued to multiple architectural and engineering firms. The user of this document can see the scope of services requested to objectively evaluate each site option.

    Document No. 5 - SWBR RFP 08-19-2014

    Document No. 6 is what the Board of Education considered at its meeting on Sept. 30, 2014. It outlines the recommendation to engage SWBR Architects as the architectural/engineering firm to conduct the school feasibility study. 

    Document No. 6 - AE Recommendation Memo

    After being awarded the contract, SWBR evaluated the pros and cons of the Council Rock and Brookside sites. SWBR presented this report at the Board of Education meeting on Dec. 9, 2014. We have included a video below so community members can watch this presentation.  

    Pages 68 – 70 of Document No. 7 provides the “Apples to Apples” comparison between the two sites. In summary, Brookside was noted as having a more attractive site with room for future infrastructure expansion and two points of entry and egress; being the better option for construction phasing without disruption to current academic program; providing greater opportunity for sustainable design; and more options for school community engagement. When considering the mechanical/electrical/plumbing systems, Council Rock had greater advantages due to current systems being more modern. However, with a gut and rehabilitation of Brookside and the installation of all new mechanical systems, future operating costs have the opportunity to be less. Overall, in the architects’ professional judgement, Brookside had 30 advantages of the 49 areas evaluated.

    Document No. 7 - Feasibility – Master Plan Study SWBR 12-09-2014

    After carefully considering the evaluation by the architects and discussing several phasing approaches to offset the significant tax impact that the project may have, the Board entered into a pre-referendum contract with SWBR to further evaluate the development of the Brookside site. The pre-referendum work consists of the following scope:

    Coordination of building aid analysis with SED

    Facilitation of stakeholder meetings
    Facilitation of agency meeting (County, Town, etc.)
    Facilitation of staff input meetings
    Participation in public presentations
    Facilitation of public input meetings
    Assistance with presentation of building concepts
    Amending conceptual floor plans
    Updating conceptual estimates
    Submit Letter of Intent to SED
    Preparation of large-scale presentation boards
    Preparation of 3-D and photorealistic renderings and/or fly-throughs
    Coordination of traffic impact analysis
    Coordination of storm water analysis
    Coordination of SEQR process
    Preparation of Wetlands Report
    Coordination of Archeological Finding Summary

    Document No. 8 outlines an anticipated timeline for the pre-referendum work. The District will be aggressive in soliciting stakeholder feedback and the schedule will be flexed to ensure that all perspectives are carefully considered. Based on the progress of the project, the Board of Education will ultimately decide whether it will be ready to put to vote in May 2016.

    Document No. 8 - Brighton CSD Pre-Ref Preliminary Schedule

    Document No. 9 presents the financial impact of phasing the project to maximize state aid. Based on how the State Education Department aids capital projects, the District evaluated a phasing approach whereby the District could complete a portion of the project, maximize aid, and then complete the remaining scope of work when the aid maximums are reset in five years. This would require us to renovate the interior of the Brookside, move one grade over – then wait five years and move the remaining two grades to Brookside. The District would be required to staff and operate two buildings during this five-year period. This would be disruptive to our academic program and would add significant operating costs to the General Fund budget. In addition, deferring any portion of the construction work would inflate project completion costs and expand the gap between State Aid reimbursements and actual construction costs. 

    Document No. 9 - Proposed Brookside Capital Project Single Phase vs 2 Phase

    Whenever a District requests State Aid to construct new space, the State Education Department requires updated enrollment projections. They will not aid any new space should they determine that the District has capacity in the existing facility. Document No. 10 includes the projections.

    Document No. 10 - Updated Enrollment Projection 2015-09-25

    An attorney from Harris Beach gave a presentation on the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) at the Nov. 17 Board of Education meeting. 

    Document No. 11 - Guide to Complying with SEQRA

    Architects from SWBR gave a presentation on where they are in the pre-referendum process at the Dec. 1 Board of Education meeting. A video of the presentation is available here (starts at the 15-minute mark). 

    Document No. 12 - Brookside Redevelopment Progress Report

    The Brighton Central School District held its first Brookside Redevelopment Community Input Meetings on December 8, 2015. Dr. Kevin McGowan provided some background and explained the decision-making process. 

    Document No. 13 - Brookside Redevelopment Community Input Presentation 12-8-2015

    The Brighton Central School District sent out a mailing in January that answered questions about the project and invited the community to upcoming Community Input Meetings

    Document No. 14 - Brookside Brochure Mailing

    Architects from SWBR gave a presentation on the preliminary cost of the Brookside Redevelopment Project and an overview of the green rating systems and awards available for the project.

    Document No. 15 - Brookside Sustainability Presentation 1-26-2016

    The Brighton Central School District held its second set of Brookside Redevelopment Community Input Meetings on January 28, 2016. The meeting provided background information on the project, the cost and potential impact on taxpayers, and an overview of environmental and sustainable design programs available to the District.

    Document No. 16 - Brookside Redevelopment Community Input Presentation 1-28-2016

    The Brighton Central School District sent out a mailing in February that answered questions about the project and invited the community to the upcoming Community Input Meeting.

    Document No. 17 - Brookside February Brochure Mailing

    The Brighton Central School District held its third set of Brookside Redevelopment Community Input Meetings on February 29, 2016. The meeting provided background information on the project and answered questions from community members.

    Document No. 18 - Brookside Redevelopment Community Input Presentation 2-29-2016