• 1.  How do you begin a fundraiser?

    • Clubs/Activities must receive permission from the Chief Faculty Advisor (Mr. Nunez at TCMS or Ms. Mosher at BHS) to conduct a fundraiser at least two weeks before any items are ordered or any commitments are made.  Complete a Fundraising Activity Request Form and submit it to the Chief Faculty Advisor for approval.  If the fundraiser is to take place outside the building it will require Board of Education approval.  These requests need to be submitted six weeks prior to the start date of the fundraiser.
    • At BHS, when selling tickets or items during the day, please contact the main office to arrange for the use of a table.
    • Cash boxes and start up money need to be reserved through the Central Treasurer, Mrs. V.  Please contact her at a few days before the cash box is required. Include in your email the sale price for the items/tickets and the amount of start up funds needed.  The cash box will be left in the main office safe for the advisor or student treasurer to obtain the day of the sale.
    • If you are purchasing items for resale (t-shirts, mugs, cards etc.) you are not required to pay sales tax on the initial purchase.  If necessary, request a Resale Certificate from Mrs. V to give to the supplier.
    • Keep track of the inventory you are selling with an Inventory Control Sheet.

    2.  What do you do when the fundraiser is over? 

    • Complete a Profit and Loss Statement. Calculate sales tax that was collected:  4% for clothing less than $110.00 per item and 8% for all other taxable items.  See the Central Treasurer (Mrs. V.) for assistance in determining whether or not your deposit is taxable.
    • Reconcile tickets from dance using an Admissions Reconciliation Form.
    • Pay invoices using a check request form.
    • Sales tax is paid quarterly for BHS and annually for TCMS.  Sales tax is calculated based on total sales (total deposits).  The amount is transferred from the club/activity account to the Sales Tax account upon deposit.  Mrs. V will notify the Student Treasurer the amount deducted from his/her account after sales tax has been filed.


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