Deposit Procedure

  • After each event all money collected should be counted and stored in the main office safe.  If you are unable to count the money when first received, place all funds in the Main Office safe until you are available to count.  Do not keep money in your locker, backpack, pocket or take it home with you.  Place it in the safe with a note stating your name, club’s name and not ready for deposit.

    Money, whether collected from sales or as membership/social/registration fees, should be deposited daily.  As checks age, so does the incidence of returned checks for insufficient funds or closed accounts.  Collected fees should be deposited well in advance of writing a check for payment of a trip deposit, conference registration, etc.


    Counting the money:

    • Divide currency by denomination (twenties, tens, etc), all bills should face the same direction.
    • Coins should be placed in rolls as follows:  $10.00 for quarters, $5.00 for dimes, $2.00 for nickels and $0.50 for pennies.  If there is not enough to complete a roll, please use small coin envelopes.  Canadian coins are not accepted.
    • Checks need to be signed and should be made payable to Brighton Central School District, Brighton High School or Twelve Corners Middle School.  The name of the class/club/trip may be noted on the memo line of the check. Please group checks by amount in ascending order.

    Complete the deposit form.  Log the deposit in your account ledger.  If you need a general ledger, please see Mrs. V.

    Deliver the completed deposit form along with the money to the Central Treasurer (Mrs. V).  If this is not possible, place the deposit in the Main Office safe and notify Mrs. V of the deposit.

    You will be given a copy of the bank deposit receipt for your records after the deposit has been made.