World Language Department


    Bonjour! Guten Tag! Hola! 

    Students at TCMS study Spanish, German or French.This is usually a 3-year sequence. Students continue this language through 10th grade. Some students choose to continue this second language until 12th grade. Most students start their second language sequence in 6th grade. Some may need to delay the start to 7th or 8th grade to provide mandated services. (ENL: English as a New Language, AIS: Academic Intervention Services, Skills Lab or Special Education services.) Passing middle school language earns one credit for high school. 

    WL classes meet everyday for 4 quarters. In class students are highly engaged and are offered a myriad of activities. Teachers offer a safe and fun beginning experience. Students speak, repeat, sing, write, type, listen, read. They work in groups often doing poster project, computer assignments and games, speaking tasks and reading tasks. Students will learn the culture of the countries of their language and make connections to it. Instruction is in English and in the target language. Students also may cook, eat, create and dance.

    Students in WL will meet and learn from their teaching assistant two to four times a month. BHS and TCMS share 4 foreign interns. They come to TCMS once a cycle day, which is one time every 6 days. This experience enhances the program for all. Each academic year 4 new interns arrive and stay with Brighton families. Eighth grade students may choose to attend their co-curricular 3-day language trip.  German 8 goes to Stowe, VT. French 8 goes to Quebec, Canada. Spanish 8 goes to NYC. This field trip is not mandatory.