Benefits of Learning Language Study



    At Twelve Corners Middle School we promote the value of studying LOTE.  The cognitive, communicative, developmental and global advantages provided through LOTE study are beneficial.  Contemporary research supports the advantages of studying another language.  Here is a quick clip that illustrates the importance of language learning:


    A few of the benefits of studying French, German or Spanish at Brighton Central Schools are:


    1. Language study is fun! J  
    2. English is not enough.  The demand for intercultural competency and global competetiveness encourages language study.  Language study improves future employment potential and economic opportunity.  
    3. Language study promotes access to other peoples ideas and ways of thinking.  
    4. Language study facilitates interest in and respect of new, diverse cultures.  
    5. Language study enhances social skills and promotes human interactions.  
    6. Language study develops cognitive skills that support achievement accross the curriculum.   
    7. Language study boosts your brain’s ability to interpret meaning and to tackle complex problem-solving tasks.  
    8. Language study strengthens your skills of perception and interpretation.  
    9. Language learners are better, more perceptive listeners.  
    10. Language learners score higher on standardized tests.  
    11. Communicating in a new language requires and fosters creativity.  
    12. Language study interacts well with the use of new technologies (video conferencing, podcasts, skype, etc.).  
    13. Language study improves your command of English by focusing your attention to the fundamentals of language.  
    14. Language study and use bring about wonderful, future opportunities in the target language.  The very real and practical reward of learning a language is communicating in an authentic, cultural setting.