What makes TCMS LOTE special?

  • What makes TCMS LOTE special:

    -       LOTE 6   BCSD is very proud to offer a full-year 40-minute daily language program for German, French and Spanish in 6th grade!!  TCMS middle school students will have 3 years to learn level one!  


    -    Teaching Assistants Each year BCSD hires 4 assistants: 2 Spanish-speaking, 1 French-speaking, 1 German-speaking. Our assistants live with Brighton families and work with BHS and TCMS students sharing cultural information and exposing students to their native speaking throughout the year. Once every 6 days, the assistants come to TCMS and work with our teachers and students.


    -        Language trips  In eighth grade, students have the opportunity to travel! Spanish students travel to NYC, French students travel to Quebec and German students travel to Vermont to further enhance their language experience. These trips are not mandated.



    -        Better AP Scores   Students are well prepared for their AP LOTE class due daily practice of foreign language in the 6th grade program.  Learning another language enhances knowledge of English structure and vocabulary, in turn building better readers and writers.