Spanish 1A in grade 8

  •        What is Spanish 1A?

    Spanish 1A designed for TCMS 8th graders.  Spanish 1B will follow in 9th grade and Spanish 2 in 10th grade.


            Who takes Spanish 1A in 8th grade?

    1.      If your child has a need for these classes: Skills Lab, AIS English, AIS Math, Reading, LRR, ESOL, LOTE may not fit into the 6th or 7th grade schedule. These classes often meet during the teaching periods for LOTE. Students who take these classes before 8th grade will take Spanish 1A.


    2.      Students who transfer to TCMS in 7th grade often delay LOTE to 8th grade to enroll in Spanish 1A.


    3.      Students who fail or do not complete requirements for French 7, German 7 or Spanish 7, are advised to take Spanish 1A in grade 8.


           Getting one LOTE credit at TCMS

    Students (who are not IEP exempt) are required by NYS to take one high school LOTE credit at TCMS. Many students get this credit by passing the final exam and course in French 8, Spanish 8 or German 8. These classes will show up on HS transcript as French 1, Spanish 1 or German 1. Students continue on to their 2nd high school LOTE credit in French 2, Spanish 2 or German 2 as freshman.


    In order to earn the 3 year sequence in LOTE, students must complete levels 1 through 3 of a language and pass the level 3 final examination. Students continue on to their 3rd high school LOTE credit in French 3, Spanish 3 or German 3.  Three LOTE credits contribute to the NYS Regents diploma. Many students continue with LOTE in eleventh and twelfth grade. In twelfth grade students can take AP classes in German, Spanish and French.


    Students in Spanish 1A will continue to Spanish 1B. Passing Spanish 1B earns the student one high school LOTE credit.