Technology in the LOTE classroom




    Brighton teachers & students are very fortunate to be a part of the school's cutting edge technology program.

    -Students in 8th grade each have a tablet (1-1). 

      Eighth graders have paperless assignment options on OneNote. 

    -Students in 6th and 7th grade have devices available to them (2-1).


    In LOTE, we have cart of 15 ipad minis. Other recording cameras are available, too.

    We use devices in LOTE to...

    -record students' skits, songs, presentations.

    -play internet-based games and activities, like Kahoot, Quizlet, etc.


    Teachers have excellent teaching platforms. 

    -Some teachers have a Smartboard.

    -Some teachers have an inking tablet and 70' mounted flat screen tv.

    -All classrooms have wireless internet.

    -All teachers have an ELMO projector available.

    -All teachers have a website.



    With the wonderful technology available here, we do still love our whiteboards, paper-pencil, dice game, bingo, songs, posters, impromptu speaking task cards, board games, and other non-device, old-fashioned learning activities. 


    (updated March 2017)