New Entrants

  • This page is for those students and their parents who are new to TCMS in 7th or 8th grade.

    (updated March 2017)


    Placement Policy for New Entrants of 7th/8th grade Foreign Languages (LOTE)

    Dear Parents,


    Welcome to Twelve Corner’s Middle School. At TCMS, our students are offered French, German or Spanish in 6th grade. Students continue the language consecutively in 7th and 8th grade.  Middle school language counts in NYS as level 1 and is a HS requirement and credit.


    You are receiving this letter because your son/daughter has had either limited or no previous experience in any of these languages. To ensure a positive educational experience and optimal placement, new language learners will begin a probationary period of ten to fifteen weeks.


    During this probationary period, the expectation for students is to seek extra help, which may include help from a teacher, tutor or family member who is proficient in the language. The purpose of this extra help is to ensure that missed content from the previous year(s) is learned.  Your child’s current language teacher should be scheduled once a cycle during the FLEX period (a structured study hall) to help. If a tutor is recommended, the teacher will provide information/material to the tutor. The language teacher will not tutor your child. It is encouraged that your motivated child practice 1-2 times a week outside of class with a proficient speaker.


    At the end of this probationary period of ten to fifteen weeks, the student’s motivation and grasp of essential grammatical and vocabulary themes will be evaluated. His/her teacher will contact the parent if the placement is inappropriate and an alternative placement will be discussed.  Thank you for your support in ensuring a successful transition to the study of Foreign Language at TCMS.



    TCMS Foreign Language Dept. 

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