Welcome to the Physical Education Department at TCMS


    The philosophy of the physical education department at TCMS is to provide students of all abilities with an opportunity to learn and instill three general areas of development.  It is our goal to encourage the physical, mental and social growth of each student in our program.  The staff will present a wide range of activities throughout the year that will teach principals that will help promote lifelong health and wellness.  These activities will be presented in a manner where students will have an opportunity to experience success at their own level.  The focus will be on trust, teamwork, cooperation, communication, and fun.  We believe that, "All students can learn... All students can succeed. "

    Our webpage is designed for both student and parent use to look up information about their Physical Education Class.

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    Twelve Corners Middle School Physical 

    Education Information Sheet

    You must be on time for class, or come with a pass.


    Gymnasium attire consists of the following: T-shirt, sweatshirt, shorts, sweatpants, white socks and sneakers.  All items that you bring for Physical Education should have your name clearly marked on them.

    * Food and gum are not allowed in the locker room or gymnasium.

    * You will be asked to remove any jewelry that is potentially unsafe.

    * Please do not bring valuables to class.

    * It is your responsibility to lock up all items you bring to the Locker Room.

    * It is your responsibility to have warm clothing available for outside use.

    Washing up after class is recommended.  You may wish to bring in a face cloth and a deodorant stick to use for this purpose.  Students should be showering daily.  If you are having any health problems, please feel free to see any one of us.

    To be excused from class, you must have a note. Notes are accepted from a doctor, parent, or the school nurse.  If you develop a problem in school, see your teacher first, the teacher will send you to the nurse.


    Grading: Grades for Physical Education Class will be based on a Rubric.

    Daily grades for a total of 5 points each day.

    Points will be awarded for Effort, Preparation, & Behavior

    Physical Education Units

    Each PE teacher will rotate the units during the semester

    Flag Football

    Ultimate Frisbee


    Personal Best Days


    Wrestling / Yoga

    Volleyball / Bowling

    Pickle ball


    Floor Hockey






    Personal Best Days

     Smash Ball / Spike Ball

    teacher choice and end of year locker clean up

    Interscholastic Sports are available to all 7th and 8th grade students:

    Fall                  Girls     Cross Country, Soccer and Cheer leading, Volleyball

    Boys     Football, Soccer, Cross Country and Volleyball


    Winter             Girls     Basketball, Swimming and Cheer leading

    Boys     Wrestling, Basketball and Swimming


    Spring  Girls     Field Hockey, Softball, Track & Field and Lacrosse

     Boys     Lacrosse, Modified Baseball and Track & Field

    Students with Exceptional Ability, Behavior, and in good Academic Standing may qualify for high school sports programs through the N.Y.S. Selection Classification Program.  Students must be recommended by Varsity Coach.

    Please feel free to contact any one of us at any time if you have any questions or concerns.