• Contact Information:

    Mike Maloy: 242-5100

    Grade Level/Standards Area

    Indicators of Eligibility

    Range of Services

    How Progress is Monitored

    Person Responsible for Service Delivery

    Grades 6-8

    Map test (based on district est. local norms and guidelines) scores of less than the 50th percentile is an indicator that a child will not pass the Algebra regents, which is a graduation requirement.


        Teacher recommendation: Recommendation made through AIS committee, based on classrm. perf. & review of MAP score

    Review of:

     Student report card grades and comments   Classroom performance (class work, participation, homework, chapter and unit tests, behaviors that promote learning) 

    Student records, reports, evaluations including, but not limited to discipline records, health-related issues, mobility issues, family issues 

    Attendance records 

    Part 154 performance standards for LEP/ELL Anecdotal records (behavioral indicators)

    Tier I

    Differentiated instruction in the classroom

    Period 10 is a time at the end of the day for teachers and students to work on enrichment, remediation and skills work.

    Lunch help.

    Before/after school help.

    MAP survey test

    NYS assmnts

    NYS Regents exam

    Grade level benchmark. assmnts

     Classroom teachers

    SpEd teachers

    School nurses


      Skills Lab





    Tier II

    Extra period of content support (ELA/Math):

    Reading AIS:  grades 6, 7, 8

    Math AIS:  grades 6, 7, 8

    English AIS:  grade 6 (at grades 7 and 8 English AIS may take place during FLEX).

    Skills Lab

    Group counseling

    Tier III

    Individual counseling

    AIS with a different math teacher in a class setting and a 5 to 1 ratio.