• There are many factors that contribute to your child's school success. Messages about the importance of school are clear to children when their parents make sure they have enough sleep, proper nutrition, needed supplies and are at school on time.

    Children need to be in school to benefit from their educational experience. If your child is tardy or absent, please leave a message on the 24 hour answering machine at (585) 242-5100 x3520. Attendance is in a separate office so we would appreciate you notifying the Nurses at (585) 242-5100 x3801 with any serious or long term illnesses. We would also be very interested any family illnesses so we could better care for your children when they come to see us.  If a child is repeatedly out of school for illness and or tardy we will request a note from your Pediatrician.

    The Health Office staff would appreciate a call from you if your child is absent three days or more. Please share with us any other concerns you or your family may have that will assist us in the care of your child.