Updating Records

  • It is important that our office be kept abreast of address and phone number changes. Our firm belief is that children belong in school, but there are times when parents need to be contacted when a child becomes ill (fever over 100.4, vomiting or at the discretion of the nurse). It is our responsibility to contact parents. This becomes very difficult when we have outdated information. The new information may be sent in to the building registrar by a note or e-mail tonia_armstrong@bcsd.org

    It is important to contact the nurse if your child has any health problems. Please note that for your child's protection, certain serious medical conditions, such as diabetes, seizure disorder and severe allergies are made known in a confidential manner to appropriate faculty and staff members on a need to know basis and the transportation director. This will ensure that these individuals can properly respond in the event of a medical emergency.