Counseling Services

  • The middle school years are formative transitional years for students. Young adolescents undergo personal transformations: physical, intellectual, emotional, social and psychological. The School Counselor’s primary role is to help your child manage these transitions positively and have a successful and productive school experience.  In order to support the development of students, the counseling program at TCMS provides preventive services to help empower students to make positive life choices. Counselors also provide developmental services, aimed at helping students negotiate age appropriate milestones of growth and development.

    Individual Counseling

    The goal of individual counseling is to assist children in exploring their concerns, discussing plans of action, and successfully following through with an appropriate action plan. Individual counseling is short-term, with the number of sessions depending on the nature of the concerns and our current caseloads.

    Group Counseling

    Throughout the year, we offer various small group sessions tailored to meet the specific needs of a small group of children who may need or benefit from working with other children. Examples of group themes include: Surviving School, Coping with Grief and Loss, Handling Peer Pressure, and Communicating with Family Members.

    Referral Information

    A variety of services can be obtained in community agencies. Such services include family counseling, parenting classes, tutoring, and substance abuse counseling. If you need assistance locating a service in an agency, we will do our best to help you obtain the needed information.

    Classroom Guidance

    We visit classrooms to facilitate lessons on topics such as an orientation to the counseling department, mental health, appreciating diversity, conflict resolution, effective communication, and other topics as needed.

    Career Development

    We help students to explore career interests and to develop career choices.


    For all counseling services, confidentiality will be maintained according to the American Counselor Association's ethical guidelines for school counselors.