After School Process For Success

  • After School Process for Success


    Some Reasons to Stay After with a Teacher:

    ð      Do homework newly assigned, stay after on the day of class

    ð      Catch up on missing homework, tests, projects, labs, etc.

    ð      Ask for help on a topic you do not understand

    ð      Get help organizing your binder


    Before Staying:

    ð      Ask, ‘What do I need to work on?’ or ‘What class do I owe work for?’ stay with that teacher.

    ð      Bring all needed materials


              Go to the classroom:

    ð      Start working on assignment

    ð      Ask questions as needed

    ð      Ask teacher to check your work

    ð      Is assignment complete?

    o   If YES, cross it off your planner and turn it in

    o   If NO, note this in your planner and complete it at home, turn it in when done.