Health Grade 7

    Ms. Ostar


    - Introduction To Health/Physical Health

    - Community Service

    - Social Health

    - Mental/Emotional Health

    - Medicines/Diseases

    Grading Policy

    This class is a 10 week class and at the end of the quarter the grade will be calculated using a point system.

    Points are determined by the following assessments:

    - Homework/Classwork

    - Projects

    - Quizzes/Tests

    - Binder

    - There will be a 25% point deduction for late assignments

    - All assignments will always be accepted!!

    Class Expectations

    - Be ready and prepared to complete the class assignments

    - Be Respectful of all people during lessons or group activities

    - Listen to what your classmates have to say

    - Give forth your best effort!

    - Participate in activities and discussions. This class will be hands on and you must come to class ready to be involved.

    - Raise hand if you want to ask a question or answer one

    Required Materials

    - 1 1/2” Binder

    - Folder (optional)

    - Writing Implements

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