TCMS Boys Volleyball

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    Cheers to 19 boys who enjoyed playing volleyball for TCMS this Season!  It was a wonderful, competetive season.  Our players developed ball control and confidence playing volleyball.  We enjoyed some great rallies against local teams and spirited practices.  Well done team!
     Ready Position  Anticipating the hit
     Still looking for ways to play more volleyball?  Consider the JR League @ Hot Shots on Thursday, Join ROC City Volleyball or Pace Bootleggers Volleyball.  There are also a number of great, local Summer Camps (Brighton Parks and Rec w/ Coach Dennison and Coach Mashewske, McQuaid Camp, Penfield Camp and Nazareth Camp).
    Congratulations to Coach Brad Rosenbaum and our Varsity Program for winning the New York State Class II State Title in 2015!  This is Brighton's First State Championship for any boys program.  It's a great testament to hard work, parent support, quality coaching, team chemistry and players who love to play volleyball.  Way to go Barons Volleyball!
    Link to view Monroe County Athletic Association contests/games/matches/meets.  This site gives you a summary of upcoming athletic events by district.  Players need 8 practices to compete in a scrimmage and 10 practices to compete in a contest.
    Parent/Player Tip: Volleyball is a game of skill and determination. The more reps you have, the more likely better ball control.  Keep a ball at home and practice ball control drills, especially during a long weekend or after a missed practice. Effective solo ball drills may include: bump against wall, bump in place, bump and sit, bump/set in place, bump/set and sit in place, 30 fist hits either hand in place, etc.  Even  10-15 mins during off season, making contact w/ the ball is beneficial.  Feel free to see Coach Dennison about taking a ball home for practice.  Lastly, the internet is full of helpful passing, setting, hitting, defending instructional videos to help players improve their skills.



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