8th grade Technology

  • Curriculum Topics

    Systems and Subsystems in Technology

    Choosing Appropriate Resources For Technological Systems

    Controlling Technological Systems

    Technology and Society: Now and in the Future

    How Technology Affects People and the Environment

    How Resources are Processed by Technological Systems

    Using Systems to Solve Problems


    Course may include these activities



    - Drawing Engineering Unit                                            Block Design Project

                Students will be introduced to basic drawing rules and procedures. They will demonstrate their understanding by designing and building an object within the given parameters. Mechanical orthographic and isometric drawings as well as Computer Aided Drawings (CAD) will be produced.



    -   Technology Engineering Challenge:                          CO2 Dragster

                This is a hands-on problem solving unit involving the design and construction of a vehicle that is capable of achieving a goal within the specified rules. This includes the application of the Drawing Engineering Unit. Several scientific and mathematical principles and the safe use of hand tools and machines will be a focus..



    -   Car Builder:                                                                    Computer Car Building Simulation

                Design of a vehicle on the computer to include sub-systems of the car. For example: chassis and body design, power system, aerodynamics.



    -   Bio-Technology:                                                             Hydroponics Activity

                Students will grow food and flowers in a nutrient solution within the biotech lab/ greenhouse.         

    Data collection including the concentration of hydroponics growing solution, ph, Co2 levels, humidity, temperature and amount of light/artificial is collected and studied.       



    - Introduction to Electronics                                          Basic Electronic Theory      

                Using solder-less circuit boards student will construct an electronic device. Current, voltage, magnetism, electronic components and formulas are stressed.




    -   Extra- Curricular:

                Invention Club, Jason Exploration Club, E-Cubed Fair, Green Thumb Club

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