Prom Safety

  • Limousine Rentals

    Before making any reservations, you should ask the following questions of the limousine company’s owner or supervisor:

    1. Does the vehicle carry the proper NYS Department of Motor Vehicles and NYS Department of Transportation required registration and insurance and appropriately licensed drivers for its passenger capacity?  For a vehicle with a capacity of 14 and under, the license plate should carry the designation “Livery” on it. Drivers must have a Chauffeur’s License (Class E) or a Commercial Driver’s License. For a vehicle with a capacity of 15 or more, the vehicle also must be registered with the NYS Department of Transportation and the license plate must carry the designation “Bus.” Drivers must have a Commercial Driver’s License.
    2. Ask the driver how many passengers the limousine will seat and ask to see the registration and insurance cards for the vehicle being used, to make sure the capacity is not being exceeded.
    3. Are your drivers drug-tested and checked through the DMV and insurance company?
    4. How many years have you been in business?
    5. How new are your limousines? Are vehicles checked over before they leave the facility each time?
    6. Are minors allowed to contract with you or do you require a parental signature?
    7. What are your policies when drugs and/or alcohol are being used by a minor?
    8. Are minors allowed to go off while drivers wait for them to return?
    9. What is your policy regarding the searching of suspicious backpacks/bags/large     purses that teens bring into the vehicle? Can parents request (add to the contract) that all bags/backpacks/large purses be stowed in the trunk until the teens reach their destination? (Note: Parents may wish to examine backpacks/bags/large purses before their child boards the limousine.)
    10. Will the privacy window remain down while transporting minors?
    11. Do drivers require an itinerary of approved destinations prior to departure from     parents or are teens permitted to determine destinations as they go along?
    12. At any point, are single couples allowed to remain in the limousine alone once the destination has been reached?
    13. Will you transport minors to Canada?
    14. Ask for and check references.
    15. Do not make any assumptions. Verify all information. On the day of the event, when the limousine arrives, reconfirm these policies directly with the driver.

    Information taken from Erie County Council for the Prevention of Alcohol and Substance Abuse