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    This list of contacts can be helpful in finding many different types of support.

    Brighton High School
    Counseling Office 242-5000 x5010
    Kevin Donohue 242-5000 x5223
    Courtney Stern 242-5000 x5224
    Keri Crowley 242-5000 x5225
    Holly Likly-Juliano 242-5000 x5227
    Jennie Viggiani 242-5000 x5221
    Prevention/Intervention Specialist
    Lance Mitchell 242-5000 x5012
    School Psychologist
    Erin Merydith 242-5000 x5216

    Twelve Corners Middle School
    Counseling Office 242-5100 x5120
    Catherine Liebel 242-5100 x5122
    Nancy Mooney 242-5100 x5124
    Erica Oliveri 242-5100 x5173
    Erin Cusanno242-5100 x5237
    School Psychologist
    Victoria Mosetti-Page 242-5100 x5237

    French Road Elementary School
    School Social Worker
    Julie Bianchi 242-5140 x5153
    School Counselor
    Marguerite Opett 242-5140 x5148
    School Psychologist

    Rachel Affronti 242-5140 x5149

    Council Rock Primary School
    School Counselor
    Kimberly Ball 242-5170 x5185
    School Psychologist
    Paul DiStefano 242-5170 x5183
    School Social Worker
    Mark Henretta 242-5170 x5184

    Family Support Center
    Visit the Family Support Center website


    Private Community Counseling
    Upon request


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