Technology 7th grade Curriculum

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    Twelve Corners Middle School

    7th Grade Technology Education (10 week course)

    Curriculum Topics:                                                   

    How Technology Solves Problems

    Technological Problem Solving Process

    Systems and Subsystems in Technology

    Social Impacts of Technology

    Applied Mathematics and Science



    Structure Design and Construction: Bridge Building

                Design and construct a bridge that will hold the most amount of weight with the least amount of materials. (Design Process, Mechanical Drawing, Digital photos, Building Big Series Video, Design Journal, Simulation Software, Hand Tools)


    Technology Engineering Challenge:            Lego Vehicle

                Hands on problem solving involving the design and construction of a vehicle that accomplishes a specific goal. (Systems and Subsystems, Types of Drives and Transmissions, Design Journal, Digital Camera to record pictures, animation and results, computer to research and record)


    Design Journals:

                A technically written journal of the processes/ideas that students record during the problem solving activities. (Digital cameras, Simulations, Computers, videos, animations etc.)


    Money System:

                Students are encouraged to invent on paper, interview people about technology and read technical journals/articles/TV.  They are rewarded with technology money that is used to purchase tools, kits, equipment, supplies, labor, etc. Bonus points are added to their average for doing inventions and interviews.



    Invention Club                         Green Thumb Club

    Jason Exploration Club                       E3 Fair