Who is Mr. D?

  • I have been teaching Technology in the Brighton School District for the past 23 years. I have taught a variety of classes at BHS and 7th and 8th grade Tech at TCMS.   I hate to talk about myself so I will let my wife describe me and the things I like to do:

    Well...where do I start?  Each day when Mr. D comes home from school, he always has a story about his students and the technology projects they are working on (Thomas, Larry,  Smokey cats, and Sugar dog, and I listen attentively, of course).  He gets really excited when he learns new things and likes to pass on that excitement to his students.  He is happiest when he is either in his garden (he's a wonderful gardener-you should see his garden-people stop to stare all the time), or under the water scuba diving (he loves to spear fish for flounder).

    Lucky for me he also enjoys cooking (so we could enjoy all that flounder!). He also started doing pottery last year (he did this alot when he was younger) and has made some really nice things.  He has a crazy sense of humor (his students already know that), he gets really grouchy when he's hungry (I feel sorry for students who have him as a teacher the period before lunch-scary). He eats REALLY fast (I think that's because he is the youngest of 9 and had to!) He puts tabasco sauce on pretty much everything (especially when I cook).

    He's always there for his students and enjoys the variety in their personalities.  He's always there for his family and most of all he takes great care of me and the animals.